Overwatch Characters in Episode Style


I get bored a bit. And, these past few days, during bouts of boredom, I’ve been going back to this little project - just for fun!

I made a few Overwatch characters in INK and LL style, and, well, here they are! I might make more, if I get more inspiration - but this is what I’ve got for now.

… I hope this isn’t breaking the rules, I mean, I’m not actually planning to write a story with any OW characters in it. Just thought this would be fun.


I prefer the LL version of Moira to the INK version, mostly because I was able to get a bit closer to her actual appearance with LL. More variety, you know?
And, also, despite her age, I did just give her the more ‘gaunt’ look, just because she really doesn’t look that old in game.

She’s supposed to be in a bit of ‘casual wear’, as she is usually seen, in a black button up (with a tie) and white pants. The only editing is to make her eyes different colors.

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Still, prefer LL. The clothing matches more to what I imagine Mercy wearing in lab gear (and actually, can compare to a picture I’ve found, that looks rather official).

She’s supposed to be in her lab coat, and no editing was done.

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I think I prefer the INK version a bit better, mostly due to the clothing and those sick aviator glasses. They fit Tracer more.

For her, I looked up some art of her of casual clothing and took inspiration from that. No editing done.

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SECOND : new clothing
FIRST + THIRD : old clothing choices.

While in the beginning I was using a piece of fanart to go off of, I realized I didn’t like it so much. So, went with something a little more casual (which is why LL and INK versions are different). No editing done.

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FINALLY, we come to Widowmaker. Oh, Widow. INK didn’t have her post-brainwashed skin color, or anything close to it, so, uh, she’s only here in LL. Perhaps I’ll make her without her blue skin sometime or another.

I don’t see Widow in much casual wear, so, rather, put her in a formal dress, ala the Masquerade comic. No edits done.

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EDIT : Some of the links aren’t appearing as images, and for that, I’m sorry. Not sure how to fix it.


Wow, these look pretty good!