Overwhelmed by Ink vs LL! Who can relate?

I’m not gonna ask “should I write this story in Ink or LL” because I know I have to make that decision for myself, but wow I truly have no idea what style is best for my new story idea. Anyone else afraid to write their story bc you’re afraid you cant make the right choice? This is mostly a rant of frustration on my part but if anyone has advice on choosing a style or can relate, I’d love to hear from you.

Ink pros:

  • I LOVE the clothing on Ink, especially the punk and ‘bad boy’ clothing, its so stylish. Most LL clothing is kind of plain.
  • The ‘wild curly hair’ for males on Ink is absolutely perfect for my character, the curly hair for males on LL doesnt really fit my character at all
  • THE ANIMATIONS on Ink! They’re so expressive and I feel like they can convey character feelings a lot better. Most LL expressions are mild/plain

LL pros:

  • DIVERSITY! Way more diverse than Ink with way more skin tones and ability to make your characters face more unique. I’m afraid that my Ink characters look like carbon copies of other characters even though I dont want them to.
  • More expressions! Even though most expressions are mild, there are a lot more to choose from. I don’t like how limiting Ink is, in character looks or animation options.

Honestly I’d go with LL but the Ink hair looks so great and no LL hair suits my character… but then again, carbon copy characters. And the Ink clothes are so perfect… but again everything loops back to Ink being so much more limiting.

And then there’s the issue with readers, I know I can’t please everyone but it bothers me that some people wont read my story if its ink. and im afraid if i just now start writing in ink, as much as people love it, its already defunct and has stopped getting updates a long time ago. i dont want my story to be irrelevant in like a year if people slowly stop using ink.


If you want to write in INK style, you are going to write INK. Go and use the style YOU prefer, and not what others ‘like’. (Oh and I know kots of INK lovers)


Oh and btw, you can do both


I do prefer writing in LL solely because I value diversity in character appearances so much, but for this story the hair is making me go nuts lol. I know its what I prefer over what people want but theres just so many contrasting points for each style that I take reader preference into consideration. Also I know I could write both styles and I totally would if I had the time, but coding is exhausting and even though some would be copy and paste, I know I’d get bored writing the same story twice. Thank you for the advice though, I know ultimately I need to follow my heart


I am also bothered by readers who decide to read a story or not based on the animation it’s in. I am personally someone who can read Classic, INK, Limelight or Spotlight if the story is something that interests me.

I wrote a story in two versions, and literally the first fanmail I got on the LL version was ‘omg can’t stand LL wish you wrote in INK’ – gah. Whatever. Their loss.

I personally recommend LL because LL will be getting newer outfits, animations and character features whereas INK is no longer going to be updated. Also, as mentioned, I wrote my story in two styles and the LL version has almost 8x the reads as INK. Authors may like INK, but most readers prefer LL.


Aaaaa Lee Funk noticed me! Lol, I love your stories! especially the ones that allow me to play as male, I really appreciate it. Also your directing is incredible and I’m always amazed❤️ Thank you for your insight, its interesting how many more reads your LL version gets. It is the readers loss if theyre picky and there will always be someone who wont read it no matter what style. I’ll probably go with LL because even though I love Ink hair and clothes, I just can’t get over the LL variety.


Most relatable thing I have ever seen.


Personally, I think you should not be bothered, as people are allowed to have preferences.

Hence why OP should follow their heart and write in whatever style they want.

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Agree. I like both
I still read INK(i like there scene hair way more than LL and the afro looks so soft like my hair…not like LLs tiny dread thing)


True that. It gets irritating when someone pesters the author to release a story in INK or Limelight. For instance, I heard from Maria. StoryWritter that some people pestered her to release I Will Always Find You on INK. I personally think that the story works better on limelight and I feel that it will be overwhelming for her to do that since she is currently revamping her story.

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Right, I will ultimately do what I want but I was having a dilemma on which one my heart wants to do :joy:

I, personally prefer to work in LL because it seems cleaner to me, has more resources and I think the audience for it is bigger on the app.

However, I‘d ask myself:

  1. Which style fits my story better? There may be stories that you feel more comfortable with, in ink
  2. Do I need any resources to make it work that only exist in one of the styles? (Clothing, animations, props you need)
  3. Most important: What do I feel most comfortable with, when working on a story? If you don’t enjoy working with the style, it’ll make it harder for you to write and stay motivated.

Good luck with your story, either way! :slight_smile:


I’m one of those annoying picky people who only read in one style but I’d also suggest to go with what YOU wanna write in. There’s tons of people who love ink, so if you wanna write in ink, go for it.
Other than that there’s always gonna be pros and cons w both styles… what you could do if you have the energy is to write it in both styles!

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Honestly I despise ink :joy: I hate seeing the black lines everywhere and nothing looks good for my character. I only like the clothing…

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I have to ask, where did you see this post? Cause I saw that INK is done and it had it’s last update back months ago.


Has better diversity.
Pretty Great Clothing
Weekly Updates
More Props
Better Outfits for certain things

Realistic Animation
Great Clothing
To me story are way funnier in that style, in LL everything feels so serious


If you feel that INK is the best style for you, go for it! It’s your story and you can write it in whichever style makes you feel more comfortable <3

Whatever style you think is best! But whatever you choose, I’m sure the story will be amazing :grin:

You should write in the style which you personally prefer. But if I had to choose from INK and LL, I would choose LL because it has variety of skin complexion and appearance of the characters are amazing :smile:

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One piece of advice, choose whatever YOU would like for your stoy. Try to visualize your story and see which style suits it the most. Also, if your story has an interesting plot and it is a well written story, I don’t think people should or shouldn’t read it because of the style it is written in.

Good luck with your story!