Owner of these backgrounds?

Hi sorry to bother everyone again but I seem to have been forgetting to save the owner of the backgrounds with the images and I would like to know who made these images? please help

heyy can i use these backgrounds pls

Sorry these aren’t my backgrounds, I’m trying to find the owner so I can credit them :slight_smile:

oh okay …i can help you find the owners

That would be great thank you, I have tried but with no luck

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I’ll pm some of my friends and tell them to ask their friends

Thank you :slight_smile:

First image you posted comes from:

https://www.deviantart.com/vui-huynh/art/City-street-Day-730142827 : )

Second picture of the bedroom comes from @smilla.episode ^^

Also, a tip for the future:

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Thank you so much Jem, i will definitely be doing that now :slight_smile:

No problem, it just required a little searching XD

Also, If I were you, I’d get permission for the first background :wink:

And, in @smilla.episode 's case, her Instagram doesn’t appear at all (I can’t find it) but her linktree is still up.

I assume you got these backgrounds from Pinterest :thinking:


Yeah i can’t remember where I got the backgrounds from, I try to avoid pinterest because they don’t seem to tag the original owner’s of the backgrounds, I only use backgrounds that I can credit the right onwer to, Will see if I can get a hold of smilla :slight_smile:

Do you know a way I can contact smilla.episode? I can’t find her to get permission :frowning:

Hey, I can’t get in contact with her either (I’ve mentioned her IG doesn’t exist, I can’t find it at all)
The best thing to do is credit her if you use it.

I believe she may have gotten upset that people were using her backgrounds without permission. She did after all provide free backgrounds for people to use in their episode stories, so long as credit is given to her ^^

However, they’re all over the internet now, for everyone to see, and use, and no one knows who it belongs to. Must very distressing for her and the sad thing is once something’s on the internet, it’s there for good.

That’s awful :frowning: I don’t know how people could be so disrespectful, I go through lengths to find the owner and if I don’t I don’t use the background or if I know how to credit them I use it as long as I credit them, thank you heaps for the reply, it’s a shame she had to shut her insta down because of that some people should be ashamed of themselves for claiming her art work