Paginate is Bullying Me Specifically (Only 2 Options Per Page) *SOLVED*

Hey so I’m making an LL customization template to eventually use for a family customization template. But anyway, I’m using paginate and for some reason it only puts two options on per page for certain categories but not others. I was wondering if anyone knows why?
I know it’s not the name length of the choice because that varies throughout and others work just fine. I really can’t figure out what’s causing this

Here is some of my code:

label gold_f1


Which skin tone best describes you?

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
“Gold 10” {
@YOU changes bodyColor into Gold 10
goto gold_f1

*also there is no extra line between the dialogue and choice it just looks like that on here

EDIT: Nvm!! I figured it out… its because there were only like 4 or 5 options so it automatically split it instead of leaving it all on one page.

Hope this can help others


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