Paid advance coding and background editing!

Hey guys! Lately, I’ve a lot of spare time so I’ve been wondering to help you guys with your story.

•I’m pretty good at coding (perfectionist):sweat_smile: If you want I can be your coding partner, If not I can help, if you get stuck while coding!

• If you need any backgrounds and overlays apart or varied from the original episode assets I can create it for your entire story as per as your preference and yeah splashes too

I’m ready to help you in anyway I can, so now here is the thing no more beating around bush🙈 I’d like you to pay $10 for my hard work and yeah crediting is not mandatory ( it’s totally your choice) if you’re interested PM me🖤

I don’t think this is legal.


I dont think so either. now I some people support patheron for stuff like script templets and backgrounds. I think its a bit different because, Mary d savas, cost 5 dollars, a month, but you both have access to old stuff, and she post new stuff multiple times a month,

but for your payment its both expensive, and lag details . because is it ten dollars for one, scene, one episode or an entire story. because if its for one scene or even episode I wouldn’t ever pay that its very over priced.

as for art do you draw it, or edit already existing backgrounds if it the later I would never pay money for it


Agreed 100%


Yeah I get that she wants to win some money but this is expensive ! I’m literally part of a coding help “shop” if you want to call it that way totally free!!!


That’s what I’m thinking.

My friend owns a coding shop for free advanced coding
But I don’t think this is legal to pay to get episide stories coded…
I could be wrong but there are ways to get free coded help.


You didn’t offend me :blush:
I just don’t think this was legal at first :sweat_smile:


I think it is legal but yeah, there are a lot of people that do it for free


I’m really sorry I didn’t want to any offend any one. if someone knows how to close the thread please they can I’m unable to do it. I don’t want to write an excuse bc I know it was my fault. once again really sorry.


Girl you didn’t offend any one! (Well not me at least) Only that there’s a lot of people that do it for free so it looked kinda weird you know? But it’s all ok!! You’re good❤️


The paid coding part is legal, the paid backgrounds and overlays from Episode assets part is not.


Closed by OP request. :slight_smile: