Paid coder available <3

ଘ · introduction · ଓ

hi everyone! im xen. i’ve been coding for some years now and have currently paused my own story’s progress. i realized i actually liked coding, but the plethora of ideas that my mind kept on bombarding at me stopped me from completing my story.

since it’s something i enjoy (and kindaa related to my studies? :melting_face: im a cs student so), i thought of offering my coding services :bowing_woman:

here are some snippets from my most recent story:: ( “some” – its just 2 :sob: but im gradually going to add more)

examples ˚ ༘✧

ଘ · pricing · ଓ

pricing is negotiable, i wasn’t sure how much it should be, but a quick reference to the other paid coder posts gave me a range idea::

.1. Coding chapters/scenes :: Depends on time it took me to complete + complexity.

$3-8 per hour

.2. Script Templates ::


.3. Proofreading/Editing dialogues ::

$2 per chapter

Payment method ::
kofi or paypal

If interested, message me on the forums ^^