Paid Coding Services Shop Restarting! [OPEN]

Hello! I’m Madhu, I’ve been an author here for 5 years now and am known for my original plots and directing skills that increase the visual effects for the reader . I’ve gotten more familiar with coding branches and other advanced directing stuff as well.

I’m opening my Paid Coding Services & Others :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Reason I do this: Since covid has brought our family down financially, I would like to do this in order to support them and also since I love doing it, I put my full heart into it, so you can trust me on that.


  • Proofreading one episode (length and amount of time I spend on it matters) - $1-2/Hour
  • Directing:
  1. The cost totally depends on the scene you ask from me. I charge 6-7 dollars/ 5-6 Euros for an hour I spend on the episode. I note the starting time and finish it in one shot by noting the ending time. I give you an approx amount to be paid early and for me to confirm the order.

  2. I’m available to work for the entire story as a coder too and it comes under a package with a different reasonable price. Special Offers will be included. Dm me on @sm._.supporter on IG or in Forums PM to know more.

(My working time for the directing mentioned above plays an imp role in deciding the prices, so they vary according to your request. Those are just approx prices)

  • Animated Intros & Outros - $2-5 (or) 1- 4€ / hr (It gets done faster and immediately. Example in my drive.)

  • Customized Script Templates - Starts from 5$ or (or) 4€ (limited time offer, I don’t do these often but still now its available)

  • Personalized Tappable Menu for your story (all the buttons, texts and codes will be made by me) - 8 dollars (or) 7 euros Fast delivery in 2 days.

  • *I also offer guidance to the new authors to outline their story and develop it under a separate package. By outlining, I will help them in coding their complicated episodes too. Pls PM me here or DM me here if u r interested.

  • My recent happy customer is the author of “A Blessing from Hell” & “That Fateful Night”, Melissa. You can check her recommendation in my Instagram or the pics in the drive of examples. I am glad she was happy with my services and still wants to work with me!

My Policies & Rules:

  • Payments: Paypal, Ko-fi (if you have an alternative, let me know so we can work it out.)

  • I can work with you for the short term or a long term, its totally up to you.

  • I’m understandable, so please let me know if u want something to be changed. Once I finish 1/4 of what you requested, I’ll dm you to discuss the changes you’ll be needing.

  • I will do the order on time and if delays, I will deduct the cost in order to pay for my carelessness.

  • Half payment should be done prior to starting my work since I don’t trust in frauds.

  • Code will be done in my portal with the things i ask from you. They should be sent to my email which will be provided later when u have made the half payment for security reasons.

  • I will save the code in a doc and send it to you. You can just copy and paste the code in your portal and vola your story is ready to be shown to the world.

Place of contact:

  • Instagram - @sm._.supporter

  • Forums - @Madhu by PM

  • My Tappable Menu examples: (the first one is the one I finished yesterday, everything was done by me as per the request of the authors.)

  • For animated Intros, you can find my latest one here: Animated Intro
    As you can see from the examples, I’m good with gif intros as well :wink:
  • You can either reply to this thread, or pm my on my IG @sm._.supporter PM me here on forums as well.

Coding Examples - Google Drive

  • I’ve become more aware of the directing and have few clips from my upcoming story that i can’t post openly, so i would be interested to share it with you personally if you’re interested.

  • I also provide plot and twist ideas for just 4$ on any theme given to me and you can claim the plot for yourself and use it as you wish.

  • For more offers, make sure to follow my Instagram acc @smtellstales IG. I’m active there as well.

PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Taking Orders NOW! :heart:

Make sure to tag to those in need of my help and also looking forward to help the authors here as much as I can. As a fellow author, I can understand the frustration u feel whenever u code. Let me help with that for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



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