(PAID JOB) Advanced Coder Needed (Reopening)

Ahh okay understood!

I can help you with it. Dm me if you’re still up for it.

Hi! I’m interested

Please consider fixing the title of your post as it is a bit misleading.

When you put “paid job” in all caps in the title, it comes off as if you’re actually guaranteeing payment, which is definitely not the case here.

As you said, the coder will only be paid once the story unlocks the payment program, which is a big “IF”, so it’s safe to say the coder may have to wait a long time to get paid or will never get paid at all.

Just my two cents.

And to anyone interested in this offer, make sure to sleep on it because coding is a ton of work, and in all honesty, is a rather thankless job.

All the best~

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