(paid job) looking for a cover artist

Hello there everyone! I’m looking for an artist to do the art for the cover of my story iv photoshopped a basic idea of what I’m looking for. Here is the image. it doesn’t need to be anything fancy, a solid or gradient background the characters and the title is what I’m looking for.

Each character in the picture above is a character in my story. The girl is the player. The guys around her are her love interests. the images also aren’t accurate pictures of my characters I have images of the characters I can show you later. I do like the poses, the girl holding the letter with benefactor ?? written on it and looking down at it. I like the shoulder up look of the guy on her left. the guy above her showing from the stomach up and the final guy on her right holding and playing the guitar.

with the title and the arrows, I want the title curved like the arrows it’s the right arch id like the letters to follow. I want it to be in some kind of readable fancy font like in the image.


Sorry, can’t help you with that but you’re not in the right topic to post this. You should go to Creator’s Corner

hey I can help you out if you want???

hello dear hope i am not late. If you still need someone, here’s a thread I made called " Official list of artists who do commissions (2020) Feel free to check them out. Currently you have 20 different artists in there with different styles and more will be added soon. Hope this helps you out.

Here’s the thread:

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I can!:slight_smile:

ok thank you

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Yep, as Natasha said, my shop is open if you still needed a commission, here’s the link:

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your picture looks like just a image off google with text laid over it do you have any examples of your character drawings?

Um, I’m glad you think my art looks like photographs, but it is my art. While others have a defined style, I try to make my art look realistic because I don’t yet have a unique style I’m happy with.
I can message you some process photos if you’d like.

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id like to see some drawings of people characters since most of the cover art is people

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Im not the author, was just passing by, but she does have quite a few character illustrations in her thread:

Hey! @Natasha.Brown1 tysm for the tag :heart_eyes: . You are so sweet and btw @Ruby_Waters I’ve pm’d you :blush:

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Hi(: Are you still looking for an artist?

yes i am!

Oh, awesome. I’d love to see if I’m able to provide what you’r looking for. Where can I PM you? do you have Email, instagram or?

the instagram is Prestigiousepisodesstory

i messaged you on Instagram

Hey there!

If you’re still looking for a cover artist, here are some examples of our work:


Check out our art shop for more information.