(Paid Job) Seeking Advanced/Pro Coder

Hello there! My name is Ruby and I’m looking for an advanced coder. Right now I’m going for the new payment option for story writers. The funds that are earned from that will go to pay things like art for the series and paying my coder. Fair wages will be discussed through private messages and paid by each chapter coded. Payment to the coder will be paid out once I get my payment through episodes interactive. You will not be paid for unfinished or partial coding unless otherwise agreed on. Please if possible have some sort of reference I can look at of your coding skills. links to published stories you’ve worked on or sections of code that you wish to show are recommended.

feel free to reference the information here for details on the payment Episodes Interactive is providing.

the story you will be coding is called “Prestigious!”

“Prestigious!”, It’s a working title. It’s about the player attending an elite college. She comes from a middle-class family, and an anonymous benefactor is paying her way to this Prestigious school. As she’s attending the school, the benefactor has spared no expense to give her the best time in college. One of the best rooms available, membership to one of the most coveted clubs, and other perks. While the player is at this school she meets the three potential love interests. Atticus Filch, her childhood friend with a heart of gold. Finnigan Rucker a guitarist for an up and coming rock band. Last but not least finally Leon Watts, your classic rich jerk, or is he? while trying to navigate school she comes to find her secret benefactor and find love!

I’ve given this story a lot of thought though I’m still writing the story. I’ve got episode one fleshed out and need a coder to help. This story is going to have things I wished I could have in the other games I’ve played. There is a well thought out story, great fashion, and other things we can talk about privately. I have Instagram or I can send you my number. I hope to hear from you soon.

This is a Romance Mystery. The two questions that are being solved are:
Who will the player fall for?
Who is the mysterious benefactor?

As far as time goes I live in central USA standard time. I’m free most weekends and almost always reachable after 4:30 my time. I understand not everyone has the same schedule as me and I’m willing to work around your schedule. I’m almost always able to reply to my emails. I don’t always reply right away but I always reply within a day. I normally get two or three emails when I’m talking to someone overseas.

As far as communication goes, I can provide my email, phone number, and my Instagram. I’m always reachable through one of these.

What I bring to the table is the writing for the story, the selection of the animation and the art. I am willing to do anything but I just don’t know how to code.

As far as equal work is I know coding is hard, so I’m willing to do the story writing, animation selection and finding the art. Things like character design I will also do. What I want from my coder is to bring all of my stuff and tie it all up into working code.


I’m interested in this and would like to hear more about what this entails, if you’d care to PM me with some info.


thank you! i was going for a professional look. I understand basics but I have a hard time not getting frustrated and being hard on myself when things dont work.

if your interesting in working together please pm me


ok that’s fair