PAID SERVICES: Coding, Beta Reading, Editing and Proofreading, Writing, Photo and Video Editing

I am just a college student that can put my skills to monetary use.

If you have a story idea but cannot grasp coding, it can be done for you for a negotiable price in consideration to your budget.

With my background as an editor, my services offer writing, beta reading, editing and proofreading any grammatical or coding errors that require revising. I also have subscriptions for photo (cards or splashes) and video (sneak peaks or trailers) editing softwares that will ensure premium quality for graphic edits.

I also realistic sell backgrounds and overlays, if you’re interested and looking into making your stories look luxuriously sleek and elegant.

Send me a message (either on here or Instagram @_ jprme _) to allow me to prove that your ideas can be done accordingly.


Can you add some edit examples

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Perhaps give me a scene or script to (in this case) edit, then my skills can be properly exhibited. It would be better to take the discussion over to my Instagram (jprmonte).

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Like any episode edit you have done before

What kind of edit are you referring to?

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Like custom poses with episode characters

It would be better to take the discussion into messages for me to show some of my samples.

I have a project I’d like to run by you, to see if you’d be interested and what you’d charge.

Hi i want to ask how much for proofreading both grammatical and coding errors tha require revising

What do you do

The services I offer are what are written in the title and description of this post.

Can you code a script for me?

If you’re willing to pay, then yes.

OH nv, I can’t pay


I need help coding, what are your prices?

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Hi! Are you a US based betareader?

I’m actually looking for betareader from US countries as I want someone native so there is no language issue and they can pick out the grammar errors perfectly as well. I’m looking to pay too. My budget is around $5-50. Send me a DM if anyone is interested, more details will be discussed in PM.

Preference: With some experience in reading Interactive Story Games of Episode.

it’s proofreading its pay or free? :thinking: