PAID SERVICES: Coding, Beta Reading, Editing and Proofreading, Writing, Photo and Video Editing

Hey, it would be great if you could post your prices for everyone to see.

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You should get into Kofi or Patreon! Loads of creators have them! Personally, I tend to spend money on Kofi more often because it’s easier for me to see all at once what the person offers.

Thank you for the feedback! I did think of creating one, but they take a percentage of what the creator gets, I believe. And PayPal’s fairly easy to use. Though, I thought of opening it more for the backgrounds and overlays I sell, instead of my services.


Yeah, that’s very true, Kofi doesn’t take for donations and crowdfunding goals, but does for everything else! I’m a Kofi creator and I have noticed it’s hard to get started on as well

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I can help with proofreading and editing if you want…?

Hi, I’m interested in your services.

Bump. I’m having to save up for a surgery needed soon, so as much help as possible would be great.

What photo editing services do you provide?

I can make cutout edits used for posters or custom overlay cutouts for scenes or limbs, if needed individually. If you have anything specific in mind, I can gauge better if I’m able to offer them or not. But I use them all on premium photoshop to make sure I’m able to provide good quality.

Hey I’m back

I have got some ideas on my mind

So how about we Collab

No problem! Just send me in direct messages what ideas you have in mind, so we can expand on it.