PAID SERVICES: Coding, Beta Reading, Editing & Proofreading, Writing, Photo & Video Editing

I am just a college student that can put my skills to monetary use.

If you have a story idea but cannot grasp coding, it can be done for you for a negotiable price in consideration to your budget.

I have done advanced coding for two years now. With my background as an editor, my services offer writing, beta reading, editing and proofreading any grammatical or coding errors that require revising. I also have subscriptions for photo (cards or splashes) and video (sneak peaks or trailers) editing soft wares that will ensure premium quality for graphic edits. I have experience working with other authors already.

I also realistic/semi-realistic sell backgrounds and overlays. You can request what you would like to look for.

Send me a message (either on here or Instagram @_ _ jprme_ _) to allow me to prove that your ideas can be done accordingly and better discuss any details.


Can you add some edit examples

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Perhaps give me a scene or script to (in this case) edit, then my skills can be properly exhibited. It would be better to take the discussion over to my Instagram (jprmonte).

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Like any episode edit you have done before

What kind of edit are you referring to?

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Like custom poses with episode characters

It would be better to take the discussion into messages for me to show some of my samples.

I have a project I’d like to run by you, to see if you’d be interested and what you’d charge.

Hi i want to ask how much for proofreading both grammatical and coding errors tha require revising

What do you do

The services I offer are what are written in the title and description of this post.

Can you code a script for me?

If you’re willing to pay, then yes.

OH nv, I can’t pay

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I need help coding, what are your prices?


Hi! Are you a US based betareader?

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I’m actually looking for betareader from US countries as I want someone native so there is no language issue and they can pick out the grammar errors perfectly as well. I’m looking to pay too. My budget is around $5-50. Send me a DM if anyone is interested, more details will be discussed in PM.

Preference: With some experience in reading Interactive Story Games of Episode.

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it’s proofreading its pay or free? :thinking: