~Paige's Art Thread~ (Covers/Art Scenes/Edits/Overlays)

Love it thank you so much :heart::purple_heart::heart::heartpulse::heart::purple_heart::heart::heartpulse::heart::purple_heart::heart:

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Hello I would like to request for character edit… It’s for my limelight story.

Pose: I want the pose as shows below in the picture which I took from Google for reference. Please let me know if you have any doubts.

Mood: Depressed/sad

Character Details:
Skin - Gold 02
Face - Male generic
Hair - Slicked back solid(color - dark brown)
Brow - Arched medium(color - dark brown)
Eyes - deepest downturned(color- black dark)
Nose - Male generic
Lips - small heart (beige brown matte)

Size: half sized image is fine, I mean an image from Hip. and I am sending the background where the person can stand…
Background: It’s a full image you can modify as how you wish.

Extra (optional): I have listed two pictures that to explain what exactly I need… I want my MC Male to stands at the window as how It is shown in the picture1 but in a view shown in picture2. I mean I need a side view image of my character where he is resting his head over his right hand and placed his left hand in the window which is bleeding. You know what I mean…

Please acknowledge whether you are fine doing it… I would be so happy if you could help me with this…

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I’m very sorry but I can’t do LL edits :sob: wish I could help

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That’s fine thank you so much

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Hey it’s Minneha, I saw your reply to my post and I’m interested for a cover for my story! I just wanna know if you can do it before I send details about the characters

Yeah I can!

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Great! I have two characters in the cover.

Hair-long straight-black
Eyes-Upterned Feline-White
Eyebrows-Seductive Arch
Mouth-Full round-Taupe
Outfit-Light pink romper with any shoes and pink feather earrings

Hair-Short Cropped-Black
Eyes-stoic almond-green
Eyebrows-Straight bold
He has tattoos!
Outfit- White (no sleeves) top with leather jacket black ripped jeans and sneakers

I would like Kendra to be holding a yellow baby bundle with a worried look on her face and Kyle standing a distance from her with a flirt_shy look on his face with a garden as the background. The title of the story is ‘Rapture’. I would like the title to be at the top in black writing and in fancy italics. And also could the background be a bit blurry, focusing on the two characters more?
Let me know for when you can have it and if that’s all the info you need! X

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You forgot face shapes in the character details.

@minnehaaa here you are! (i hope this is what you wanted.)

Yes that’s what I wanted, for the face shapes could Kendra have oval and could Kyle have diamond. Also, could you maybe make the characters a bit bigger. And could you make the title in fancy writing? Xx

Of course xx


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Could you change the faces please xxx

Sorry lol yeah xx

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Thank you so much! How can I credit you?

Somewhere in your story just copy and paste this in.

readerMessage Thanks @episodepaiiige on insta for the covers

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hey luv can i get a character edit? :))

Yes of course! Just fill out the form!

Just wondering if you are still wanting a character edit…?

Hello. May I request?

Of course!