Paige's Christmas OC Contest ;)

Welcome to my Christmas OC Contest!


  1. Read all the rules before entering.
  2. Use the password “PaigeOC” when entering, and tag a friend you think would be interested in joining, otherwise your entry will be disregarded.
  3. No hating on others art or you will be removed from the contest.
  4. You must enter before the deadline: December 25th, 2019 @12:00am CST
  5. The contest is in ink (drawn/edited) or freehanded if you prefer.
  6. Please fill out the form and submit it with your artwork so I know that your character matches the random description.

disclaimer: 2 characters max for drawn pieces.
1st Place:
– Large and Small cover art, edited or drawn
– Profile Picture
2nd Place:
– Small Cover art, edited or drawn.
– Profile Picture
3rd Place:
– Profile Picture

Example of my art

Character Form
Gender: You can choose
Skin: You can choose
Hair: Your favorite color
Eyes: The color of your bedroom walls
Clothes: Style them for the Christmas season!

If you have a dog: Add a bow of some sort (bowtie, hair bow, ribbon, etc.)
If you have a cat: Add a scar
If you have a different pet: Add earrings
If YOU are a girl: Add a tattoo
If YOU are a boy: Add glasses
If YOU identify as something else: Add a necklace

Good luck!

tags used from @Bumblebree’s outline contest (please let me know if you want me to take these down)
@sasb @gamer_gurl @Linlin330 @bridi @epiexpert @xetic @mouse.episode @sakuracheam @Shuka @silver_shadow @authormdwrites @calyphina @Turtle_Cat @lulu3 @starmarygoth @Problematic_Patrick @Ghosty @propertyofnae @appleqrl @tylo @em546



I’m interested in joining only question is; I’m new to the forums and don’t have any friends who I would be able to tag so when/if I find time to enter would it be alright if I didn’t tag anyone but still included the password obviously.

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Thank you!

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This sounds fun I might enter :star_struck:

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That is so cute!!

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Password: PaigeOC

Gender: Female

Skin: White

Hair: Orange

Eyes: Blue

Snake/DifferentPet: Gold Earrings

Cat: Scratch on Cheek

Female: Tattoo near Collarbone