Painted Scene for my romance book!

I have just recently started out writing my first episode book “Secret Attraction”.
I was wondering if anyone was good at the painted scenes? If so, I would really appreciate you doing one for me!
I have two main characters who secretly in love with each other, but just don’t realize it yet!
I have a cover in progress! I will post my characters down below! <3
Thank you! <3


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Is this a request

Yes, please!

I am going to school now, so any messages i can have a look at later after school! <3

Hi Elle!
I would love it if you could make me a hand-drawn picture! As I said previously, it’s a romance story!
I had a look at your one drive, and really liked your designs! I was really interested in the one with the close-up girl that had blue hair drawing! I would appreciate it if you could do it to suit my characters! <3

Thank you,
Megs x

ok, I’ll get to work right away

Thank you! Maybe i could Private message you if its easier?