Pan a character up & down

I’ve looked on forum and i can’t find it anywhere.

I’m trying to do a panning of my character from top to bottom with words.
I’m trying to use narrator to describe this character but i want to pan from the head to the feet at the same time.

I don’t know how to do this only to pan from zones.


The first zoom is where the characters zoom on the head would be, then the second is where you would place the feet part.

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Thank you
so i would first @zoom to characters face (spotting #)
then pan to body then feet (spot #)

Yes, but add the amount of time you want to pan in the second zoom (which is the feet).

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@ZOOM SPOT 0.123 45665 IN ZONE 1 (HEAD)
@PAN in 2

@ZOOM SPOT 0.523 6235 IN ZONE 1 (BODY)
@PAN in 3

@ZOOM SPOT 0.9235 6254 IN ZONE 1 (FEET)
@pan in 1

The body part is not vital, remove that and you don’t code in zone. Can I see your script or someway I could assist you more, it’s kinda hard for me to explain?

I’ll message you.

It should be

&zoom on 39 207 to 167% in 0 (head position)

&zoom on 51 0 to 167% in 3 (feet position)

Heres where i would put into my script

@speechbubble is 149 404 to 84% with tail_bottom_left
YOUNG DIANA (talk_deny_neutral)
I’m not a workaholic.

@YOUNG DIANA is think_rubchin

#pan up & down syke
@SYKE 1 is idle_awkward_scratch_loop
I didn’t like the looks of this guy.
He was giving me a creepy feeling.
I feel like I should fake a phone call or something to getting away without it being awkward.

Okay, first put the zoom at the head or feet, wherever you want it.

&zoom on 123 456 to 127 in 0

That’s the first step.

This may help you!

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Great you found a video! Does that help you understand better? This helped me alot

Hey! I saw you got help on this already but I just wanted to add to it.

You wouldn’t actually pan, it would be a zoom. Zoom on the character’s feet using the “@” sign, then use the “&” command before you zoom on the character’s head and add the narration below it so it happens at the same time.

  @zoom on (characters feet) in 0
  &zoom on (characters head) in (the amount of time you want the zoom to last)

Put what you want the character to say.

Hope this helped! :slightly_smiling_face:

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