PAN and ZOOM? Help pls

can anyone tell me how pan and zoom work for the scripts?

i specifically would like to know for the opening of my story showing several variations of the setting in a form of a montage, dramatic pauses, close-ups of characters for important one-liners, and revelations.

i would greatly appreciate any help and tips are also welcome. thanks.

U have to put

@pan to zone 2 and the camera will move to that zone

how do you know the different zones? and can you pan different directions?

Yea it can only go to 5 try it and see what it does :blush:

okay thanks

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Your welcome :blush:

Here’s the thread about zoom :slight_smile:

Zoom Directing (The Art of the Zoom Made Easy)

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what about just zooming on a background with no characters on screen and also what is the fastest setting for flashes on screen?

i figured out the flashes but still need help with zoom on a background without characters.

i want to be able to have the zoom reverse slowly outward for the cover and title of my book. is there a way to do this?

Yes. :slight_smile:
Just focus your zoom how close your want, and set it on the beginning of the scene, then slowly zoom out.

It’s just total random example :smiley:

@zoom on 123 456 to 400% in 0
@zoom on 123 456 to 100% in 5.0