Pan/follow while zoomed

So I’ve been looking into this and cannot figure it out. I have the camera zoomed where I want in the beginning but cannot get it to follow these characters as they walk in. EVERY TIME I try the @follow command, it whines at me. Here’s the code (minus the overlays in the scene. )

@zoom reset
@cut to zone 3
&zoom on 960 277 to 371% in 0 (This is where I want the camera to start.)
(all overlay creations etc here.)
@AUGUSTINECLONE spot 1.129 396 130 in zone 3
@AUGUSTINECLONE moves to layer 11
@COLDSTONEJACKSON spot 1.027 380 143 in zone 3
@COLDSTONEJACKSON moves to layer 10
@pause for 15 (pauses are currently so I can grab characters and whatnot… will be removing them.)
@AUGUSTINECLONE walks to spot 0.465 289 380 in zone 2
&AUGUSTINECLONE moves to layer 2
@follow COLDESTONEJACKSON to spot 0.460 190 372 in zone 2 in 5 (This is the dude I want to follow)
@COLDSTONEJACKSON walks to spot 0.460 190 372 in zone 2 in 5
&COLDSTONEJACKSON moves to layer 3
@pause for 100

The last thing I should note is that I have not yet added the dialogue they will have during all of this. I’m not too worried about that as I won’t really need too much animation on them until I stop the pan. At any rate. Thanks!

You can only use the follow command with positions (screen center, etc.). The follow command does not work with spot direction. You will need to pan/zoom at the same time your character walks. You will need to zoom to a spot in zone 2 because the x coordinate differs from zone to zone (zone 1 is 0-320, zone 2 is 320- 640, and zone 3 is 640-960)

&pan to zone 2 in 5 and zoom on x y to 371% in 5
@COLDSTONEJACKSON walks to spot 0.460 190 372 in zone 2 in 5

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Awesome! Thanks. I was finally able to get it.

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