Pan in middle of two zones


I am using the background EXT. CAFE - DAY
It is a two zone layer.
First I am panning to zone 2, than back to zone 1, I want to end on the doors (the middle of the image).
Is it possible to pan towards them?


I don’t think you can pan in the middle of two zones, but you could try and do either one and zoom onto the doors?
Hope this helps



I cannot do that since the doors are in the middle of the two zones, and you can only zoom within a zone


You can always cut the background for the doors only :slight_smile:


What do you meen?
Upload the same background but with only one zone?
I thing you would not be able to get a nice smooth flow


Yes. You can always pan to zone then use short transition switch to the one-panel background and zoom slowly straight on the door.


I will upload it, I hope I can make it work, if not I will send you a pm!
Thanks for helping, for now I have my answer