Pan question new to episode



Anyone know how to make the character appear during the pan and not pup up after? Thanks!


The @ in front of the character to an & and the characters will appear before the pan.


This may help


I put & in front of pan and all went well, then I went to add more characters to the screen as well, but now, the original character appears with the pan, but the rest come in after the pan.


place them before the pan to zone




You probably already got it, but in case not, it’s like this:

@LEO stands back far left in zone 2 AND LEO faces right

@LEO starts idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop

@pan to zone 2

P.S You can even pan to zone 2 in how many seconds you want.

So if you write @pan to zone 2 in 3, this pan to zone 2 takes 3 seconds long to complete, can be any seconds you want it to be.