Pan while the characters are walking


@zoom on 164 0 to 247% in 0
@LISA enters from left to screen center in zone 1 in 3
@pause for 2
@follow LISA to screen center in zone 5 in 10
@CHAR 5 enters from right to screen center in 5 and CHAR 5 does it while walk_neutral
@CHAR 6 enters from left to screen left in 6 and CHAR 6 does it while walk_neutral_rear
@CHAR 3 enters from right to left in 3
@CHAR 3 faces left

I am new at the whole writing thing and I have been reading all advices from forum, everytime I try to fix it it won’t change! None of the characters appear!
If anyone knows how to fix this I would be really grateful.

I think the command to follow the character around is to pan and zoom at the same time so, something like this (this is an example, just change it accordingly):

&pan to zone 1 in 3
&zoom on 189 189 to 247% in 3
@CHAR enters from left to screen center in zone 1 in 3

So just make sure all 3, the panning, zooming and characters move in the same time (I used 3 seconds for this), hope this helps!

I have tried it just about now and it worked!
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Np!! Glad I could help :heart:

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