Pan & Zoom Bug Fix going live this week!

Hello Creators,

This week (possibly as early as today for some of you), we are releasing a fix to a donacode issue.

We have a problem with our camera; best exemplified by this donacode:

Currently (i.e. in the app version 8.2 and earlier), the long, 10second pan will continue past the 2nd, shorter, 1second pan, resulting in this jarring camera effect:


The fix will be that any pan cancels any currently running pan, and any zoom will cancel any currently running zoom. This is that same donacode in 8.3:


Essentially, ongoing and future-queued camera commands are now canceled by any camera action.

As always, please let us know below or by contacting support if you have any issues with this!




Was this why people were always saying “this story uses advanced zooms so tap slowly” at the beginning of their episodes?



Yes! Ugh. You always had to use the fastest tapper/read speed for complicated zooming bc someone was always going to say they were stuck looking on someone’s crotch.

CAN I JUST SAY PRAISE YOU GUYS! Something I have wanted fixed for two years since I started writing and… I’m feeling so blessed right now.

Thank you for listening and sorting this out!


Thanks so much! You’ve no idea how much time you saved me from making all those stupid splashes saying Please click slowly as advanced spot directing and zooming is used in this story! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :kissing_closed_eyes::lips::+1::heart_eyes:


This is going to be a lifesaver! I was worried that, for my work-in-progress competition entry, I would have to keep adding in commands to cut back to the desired location just in case people click through the dialogue too quickly. Much better!

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Hey Can You maybe help im having an issue where my episodes are stuck on zoom . The story is Dangerous Affair : Temptation

Your best bet is to contact our support team - you can reach them here:

I would try @zoom reset if you haven’t already!

I feel like this update might be the reason why zooms aren’t working atm :frowning:

Hey, so I’m working on a story atm and I noticed some zoom and pan bugs on the web preview and app as well.
The thing is it’s not glitching only on my story but on every story on the app.
The zoom does a weird freeze for a millisecond before it picks up the command, and sometimes the pan as well, while panning from zone X to zone Y it kinda freezes in the middle, then it picks up running again. The zooms and pans aren’t running smoothly like before.
I was reading today Glitch Girl and it did the same thing.
I don’t think it’s the directing, maybe some other people are experiencing the same issues?
Sometimes the overlays are pooping first then the characters even if the code is with “&” and they should pop on the screen at the same time. I don’t know how to explain this with proper words, it’s not a big error, it’s just a matter of a millisecond when the glitch happens then everything is back as it should be, but it’s annoying and the error is visible.Personally I tried many combinations of directing commands and test them all in app and on the web, but it still does the freezing thing, and then I saw the same issue while reading other stories so I figured maybe it’s not only me and my directing. I cleared my device cache several times, I restart the device as well and cancelled the app and reinstall it and it still does the same thing.I thought was my iPad’s fault bc it’s a bit old, an iPad Air 2, but I tested on my iPhone X and on my mother’s iPhone 7 Plus, and it does the same thing.
I didn’t filled a ticket bc I saw you guys are working on this feature so it will probably get fixed quick.
I’m just putting this post here bc I searched on the forums for this issue and saw other people talking about all sorts of errors they are experiencing atm.

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You should definitely send in a ticket and be sure to include some specific stories thats its happening as well as the chapters you see it in.

Ok, I will. Thanks for replying so fast.
Lately almost all the stories I have on my favorite section had this little error,featured or not, but I’ll try to be more specific. I’ll continue to read other stories and see if this happens, then fill a ticket. Thanks again. :pray:t2:

This is awesome ^^