Paning your background in an episode game?

Hi there, wonderful people.

Someone can help me with this? I’ve seen stories where you can move your background around to find (idk, for example) evidence. I mean, you let the reader have a mini game? but with the background moving wherever they wan it to move. I wonder if I need to upload an overlay, I don’t have any idea, actually.

I hope I make myself understandable, hehe. Thank you in advance. :sweat_smile:

Do you mean the reader can touch the screen, and they will be able to move around and search?

Yep. :grimacing:

Hiya! :wave: This thread describes tappable overlays with panning better than I ever could lol:

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There’s also a video:


Thank you both for helping me figure out this. :cupid:
I’ll take a look to both just to understand it better!


you can pan zones/ like this:
hmm… where’s my bookbag?

@pan to zone 2
@pan to zone 3

when you pan, it glides the background to to another side of the room that you cant see from one zone. I hoped this helped…

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