Pannable choice?

I’m creating this scene where you may pan and select tappable overlays. However, I am not able to pan over zones. I even did the code thing where you type tappable [pan:1:2].

Could anyone help me with this?

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can you take a screenshot of your script?
also, if you’re previewing it on your phone, there are some types of phones which don’t support pannable choices.

This is what I have so far.

Pan around the screen by scrolling with your finger.

In this mini game, you may select characters to ask about your basketball uniform.

tappable [pan:1:2]

@ERIKA walks to spot 0.929 84 190 in zone 1

&ERIKA is idle AND ERIKA faces right

    ERIKA (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
May I check my locker for a second?

    MR EDMONS (talk_greet_neutral)
Sure, what do you need?

    ERIKA (talk_agree_happy)
I lost my basketball uniform, and I'm hoping to find it.

    MR EDMONS (talk_deny_neutral)
For now, I need you to work on your essay.

    MR EDMONS (talk_apathetic)
Sorry. Get to work.

@MR EDMONS is react_claphands_happy AND ERIKA is eyeroll_sarcastic

    MR EDMONS (talk_neutral)
Let's get moving.


&zoom on 320 306 to 147% in .5

@ERIKA walks to spot 1.253 194 26 in zone 1

    ERIKA (talk_greet_neutral)

&CO3 faces left

    CO3 (talk_exhausted)
Do I know you?

    ERIKA (talk_neutral)
I'm Erik. You're on the basketball team.

    ERIKA (talk_neutral)
Patton, right?

    CO3 (talk_sarcastic)
No, I am not.

    ERIKA (talk_neutral)
Never mind.

&CO3 faces right AND CO3 is read_paper_neutral

    ERIKA (think_rubchin)
(Well, that was useless. )


&pan to zone 2
@ERIKA walks to spot 0.929 106 204 in zone 2

    ERIKA (talk_apathetic)
Diluted vinegar water will clean that tank much better than your hands.

I'm trying to see if the fat fish will get creeped out by my hand.

&ERIKA is talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear AND ERIKA faces left

He isn't budging.

&ERIKA faces right

    ERIKA (talk_think_neutral)
Hey, I need your help.

&CEDAR is yawn_bored AND CEDAR faces left

    CEDAR (talk_apathetic)
What did you do this time?

    ERIKA (talk_whisper_worried)
I lost my basketball uniform.

    CEDAR (talk_unsure)
Why are you whispering?

    CEDAR (talk_shrug_neutral)
You afraid the...

    CEDAR (callout_neutral)
Whole class might hear that ERIK LOST HIS BASKETBALL UNIFORM!

@ERIKA is shush_neutral

    ERIKA (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
Do you happen to have a spare uniform?

    CEDAR (talk_neutral)

    ERIKA (react_pumpfist_happy)

readerMessage You found a solution to your missing uniform! with messageTitle Mission completed!


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How did you create the overlays in the script
did you use

or did you use


sometimes, the &ui code works better with panning and tappable choices instead of &overlay

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