Panning AND Narrating at the same time

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I am a brand NEW writer here on Episode who is working on a story. I am having a hard time understanding how narrate a toe to head scene on my characters crush.

For example: I am zooming from head to toe on a crush who is entering a party and narrating about him.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance :wink:

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Use & commands. The & means that things are happening at the same time. If you want to pan from zone to zone while narrating, do the following:

&pan to zone 2

Same goes for zooms.

&zoom to insert spot here in a (s as in seconds)
blah blah

(Or you can have the person doing an animation.)

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Omg! Thank you SO much! Such a life saver! XOXO

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No problem! I’m glad to help.
I learned that through Joseph Evans’s YouTube tutorials.

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