For anyone who’s read the story The Infected by Caitoriri.writes (insta), there’s a scene in episode 4 where the MC goes into a shop to look for food. There, the author gives a choice to the player to pan around the scene and click on specific things to take. Does anyone know how to code this into stories where you can have the reader pan from zone to zone on their own and without the coding doing it for them, and also have clickable objects?

Also, it’s a f*cking great story, would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone, horror fans or not. It’s the best directed story I’ve ever read on the app!!


She used tappable overlays

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Thank you!

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The feature is called “pannable tappable” and you can find the code and explanation here:

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Thank you! Also, I love The Infected so much :sob: I was up until 4am last night reading it! I’m a big fan :smiley: :heart:

Thank you so much! Sorry for making you lose sleep though :joy:

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