Panning Issue. Can someone help?

Hello everyone. Can someone help with this small issue? I figured out how to have the camera follow a character to another zone but instead of stopping at a certain spot they keep walking and then turn around and walk back to original spot. Is there a specific spot I need to put in? If so how would that coding look.

Thanks in advance

Can you post your code?

@follow Gia to screen right in zone 3
@GIA walks to spot 1.250 82 in zone 3

The spot is where I wanted her to stop but she kept walking to the end and came back to that spot

Because screen right is all the way to the right and spot 83 is to the left.
If you want to follow your character to that spot, you have to pan at the same time they walk.
You’re also missing a number (the y coordinate)

&pan to zone 3
@GIA walks to spot 1.250 82 y in zone 3