Panning problem

I am using the Limelight dialogue version… I am having a conversation and then panning to a different zone. Once I do and another conversation starts, the people aren’t coming up anymore, just the script. The people are showing up really small on the left for a second and then disappearing like they’re still in the previous zone. I have tried @MOM walks to… but those just make the story completely stop. Here’s my script:


sound int_texasairport_day

@cut to zone 2

@pause for a beat

As Katherine and Gunner enter the terminal, they find their mom talking to another passenger.

    MOM (talk_neutral)
We all set and ready to go? Should be anytime now.

    FA (talk_neutral_atcamera_loop)
Good afternoon passengers.
This is the boarding announcement for flight 572 to Atlanta, Georgia.
We are now inviting first class passengers to begin boarding at this time.
Please have your boarding pass and identification ready.

    MOM (talk_neutral)
Well let's head out.

@pan to zone 3

    FA (talk_agree_happy)
Welcome aboard flight 572. Boarding pass and ID please?

    MOM (talk_reassure_neutral)
Here is mine and my two kids.

    FA (talk_read_paper_neutral)
Thank you Ms. Montgomery for choosing Skyline Airline.

    FA (talk_reassure_neutral)
Here you go. Enjoy your flight.

Katherine and her family enter the airplane and take their seats...


You’re using spotlight?
I found that if I panned to a different zone, I had to re-position the characters.
So @CHARACTER stands upscreen right in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces left
Since it’s in spotlight, they won’t pop up or anything when you do that.

Like this (taken from my script)- they originally started in zone 2 and I needed to reposition them in zone 1.

@cut to zone 2
@COP faces left
COP (talk_neutral_loop)
Before I do that, I just want to ask you a quick question.
@pan to zone 1
@COP stands upscreen right in zone 1 AND COP faces left
COP (talk_read_phone_neutral)
Did you happen to see these two girls yesterday?

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No I am using limelight dialogue. There is no positioning characters.

What do you mean by limelight dialogue?
The characters are in bubbles (that’s spotlight)?
Or is there an entirely new format I’ve never heard of haha.

I am writing in the limelight form. I don’t know what spotlight is but it is where they are showing up in bubbles. When I chose limelight I also was gave the option to focus more on dialogue or still have the full body positioning option. I chose dialogue. There’s no placing characters, it’s just dialogue speech bubbles.

That’s spotlight.
Limelight comes in two styles- cinematic and spotlight.

Technically you don’t need to position your characters in spotlight (I have a spotlight story) however, I’ve found that the characters default to the first zone that you use so you do need to position them when you change zones as I’ve shown you above.
Give that a shot and see if it works :slight_smile:
(And that’s why the story freezes when you use the “walks to” command as that’s not possible in spotlight)

Okay the dialogue version is called spotlight. So it’s limelight in spotlight.

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What I said applies- try placing them in zone 2.
My example was taken directly from my own spotlight story.

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Thank you!! Maybe you’ll know how to fix this as well… When someone leaves a scene, the remaining two characters will talk but both spotlights will be on the right instead of looking like they’re conversing back and forth…

You can only set one character to be in the default left-hand position but what you can do is again, position one of those two characters to be on the left.
So @CHARACTER1 stands upscreen left in zone x AND CHARACTER1 faces right

I technically had two main characters in my story so I had to do that a lot lol.

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You are AMAZING! Thank you so much and sorry for all the confusion!! :'D

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Haha no problem :slight_smile:
I actually found the spotlight guides a little confusing when I wrote my story so it’s understandable lol

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Well it totally fixed it!! :smiley:

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I’m glad it works :smiley:

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