Panning the camera

Hey guys, I’m trying to pan the camera from the bottom of a character to the top? I’m not sure if that makes sense, but it looks like they’re being looked at from head to toe?
Also, the camera is zoomed in, which I’ve done. Can anyone help please?
Thank youuu!

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So, this is what I usually do:
First, zoom in on your character, then change the focus to the feet. (then you copy the code)
Second, change the focus to your character’s face, then copy the code and change it to how long you want the pan to take place. For example:

@zoom on #character’s feet code# to #percentage# in 0 (if it’s at the beginning of a scene.)


@zoom on #character’s face code# to #percentage# in #number of seconds you want the pan to last#

Hope this helped! :grin:


Thank you! That worked so well!!

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No problem :grin:

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