Panning to an specific spot

Hey, im having a problem panning because i want to pan to an specific spot but the page dont let me make that move. because i dont wanna put @follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 2, NO i wanna go to an specific spot, not to screen center. I try with @follow CHARACTER to spot 0.969 126 80 in zone 2 but it dont work, so, somebody knows how pan in that way? please help!!

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I would put zoom to that spot instead, just focus it to that area :heart:

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&pan to zone # in #
@CHAR walks to spot x y z in #

pan time and walking time should be the same

Here’s what I would put:

&pan to zone 2 in (second)

@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.969 126 80 in zone 2 in (second)

And also, because you say you want it to pan to a “specific spot”, do you mean zoom? If so, there’s a code for that:

&pan to zone 2 in (second)

&zoom on CHARACTER to 50% in (second)

@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.969 126 80 in zone 2 in (second)

(It doesn’t have to be “&zoom on CHARACTER to 50% in (second)”. You can put the zoom input to whatever you like).

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