Panning to certain spot

How do I pan to a certain spot and make the camera follow my character at the same time?

Atm when I pan to zone 2 my character is either slow or fast or just pops up in the spot without actually walking.

My script was deleted so I can’t post photos!

You have to type:
@follow CHARACTER to x
For x you can use: screen left/center/right, upscreen left/right, back left/right or back far left/right
It’s not working with certain spots, trust me I tried.
I hope I did help :hugs:

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It’s @follow CHARACTER to POSITION in zone Z

And if it’s multiple characters going from a spot to another you’ll need to use pans and you can change panning speed like:

@pan to zone 2 in 1.5

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And you have to add :
in zone 1/2/3/4
If you want it to be in a certain zone in the background

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Non are working, my character is still walking to her spot but the camera won’t follow.

Okay I’m sorry. I only know this code and it’s working just fine in my story.
Which style are u using?
I’m working with Ll

Instead of @pan try &pan