Panning to Different Parts of Screen Minigame

Does anyone know how to make a panning minigame? The type where the reader can move to different parts of their screen by panning left, right, up, down, etc? I have an example, but Episode isn’t letting me insert the video… I hope I’ve explained it well enough?

Just a warning, I would include a skip option for readers for those mini-games since they don’t work for every device it it can mean that the reader doesn’t get to finish the story due to the mini-game randomly freezing (:

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Is this what you are looking for?


Yes, thank you!

Okay, I’ll keep that in mind!

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you probably got ur question answered already but here’s a vid with the reader panning (towards the end) and tapping an overlay anyway:)

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I know how to make tappable overlays… but I’ll definitely check out the panning part! Thanks!

yeah that’s the part I meant for you to see, sorry😂 but glad to help:)

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