Panning works but not the overlay!

Hello episode community! I’m just starting to learn how to use tappable overlays & pannable zones, my issue with my script is the panning works but the overlay isn’t showing up. If i reset my story in the portal it’ll show up but won’t be tappable but if i restart it again it disappears and the zones won’t be pannable no more… can anyone help me figure this out?

tappable [pan:1:2]

@overlay COOKIE create

@overlay COOKIE opacity 1 in 0

@overlay COOKIE shifts to 58 442 in zone 1 in 0

@overlay COOKIE scales to 0.042 0.042 in 0

@overlay WATER create

@overlay WATER opacity 1 in 0

@overlay WATER scales to 0.098 0.098 in 0

@overlay WATER shifts to 204 435 in zone 1 in 0

I think you need to code the following: “@overlay … create”, before the choice itself. You can’t click on something that isn’t there after all. :slight_smile:


@Lily.v is right the overlays need to already be on the screen for the person to tapp on them. So put them before the dialog you have for the tappable choice. It’s best to put them at the start of the scene and use the & instead of @ so the scene starts faster.

Also, are you trying to make the overlays move after tapping them?

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