Pansexual pride!

Hi guys! I’m Pan and would love to meet other Pans!


I don’t know any, and would like to! Excited for Pride!

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I just hope there’s no thread like this because it’ll get taken down and I don’t want that…

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Hi! I’m (newly) Pan, nice to meet ya! :grin: :heart:

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Hello! Nice to meet you too! I was afraid no one would reply!

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Nooo, people will reply, just give it some time! :blush:

I’m just new here and have no clue what I’m doing XD

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Really? Welcome to the forums! :smile:

Thank you! I’ve been on Episode for a while, I just never made a story.

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Yeah, same here! I attempted to in the past, but I never actually went on to publish anything. Now I’m back and almost ready to release a story. (not quite, still have some to go LOL)

i am pansexual, thourgh my country first hold pride in august. not just this year, it has been like that since it started I dont know why it is like that

Hello fellow frying pans! :pan_flag:


The Journal! Huge Gravity Falls fan.

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Annnnd, everyone left. T@T

old picture but I think people will appreciate it anyway

picture was taken outside of local church doing pride month. yes the church itself put it there, I love my country

What country, if you don’t mind me asking?


Oh, that’s cool! I’m just a boring American.

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I am proud of my country, we where the first to legalize gay marriage, ofcourse it wasent a real real marriage though, it was only a registerd partnership marriage, the first to legalize real marriage was Polen I think.

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