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hello! welcome to my pop-up art thread!

i’ll be doing simple splashes and cover arts for any episode style here!
i don’t have any examples at the moment, but i hope you find this thread useful!

to request, simply put down your story details and cover ideas in one post, and i will either dm or reply to your message with further questions to ensure i can make something that will be to your liking (:

thank you for giving this thread a chance!

signing out,
papayaa :pineapple:

ps. i know that i used pineapples but let’s be honest, pineapples look cuter than papayas, amirite?


Do you also do drawn covers?


yep! they might not be 100% perfect since i haven’t drawn in a while but i can definitely try :3


Are you able to do story splashes for the chapters, like chapter one in text above and have a character in the bottom. (Hope that made sense) plus I’m going to need quite a few of these.

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just send me the character details, outfits, text, and what kind of theme you want the splash to have :)
if you want, you can also send in a specific background you want too.

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Update: I’ll try to put up some examples soon!

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Thank you so much, I’ll send the details later today.

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Hey can you draw me an art scene but with different outfits? The readers can choose what they want to wear.

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sure! i’ll try my best :3
please send me some more details :heart:

LL, 2 characters, art scene



Body: Neutral 03

Brow: Arched Natural, black Jet

Hair: Long Feathered, Black Dark

Eyes: Generic, Hazel

Face: Diamond

Nose: Defined Natural

Lips: Full round flat top skin, deep pink matte

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3



Body: Neutral 04

Brow: straight medium, jet black

Hair: Messy Undercut, jet black

Eyes: Generic, blue green

Face: chiseled angular

Nose: Grecian narrow

Lips: Medium Heart, Beige gold matte




grey - white

Thankss for doing this!

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Here’s my details:
Type: Cover set
Title: Die Hard (not published)
Author: Koolgal77 (@koolgal.epi)
Amount of chars: 4 (3 guys and 1 girl)
Pose: Can you make all of them do the winking animation. Also they can be positioned anyhow, but I would like the girl to be more centered and to stand out more.
Style: Ink
Can you make the cover edited please, if not then you can draw them :heart:
Char details:

Body - Honey
Brow - Thick Straight
Hair - Male subtle faux hawk (black)
Eyes - Stoic Almond (brown)
Face - Chiseled Square
Nose - Button
Lips - Pouting Oval (mocha)

Body - Mocha
Brow - Straight Brow
Hair - Wild wavy hair (black)
Eyes - Deepset Piercing (Toffee)
Face - Diamond
Nose - Strong
Lips - Uneven (dark)

Body - Fair
Brow - Thick tapered
Hair - Spiked up hair (black)
Eyes - Round Piercing (blue)
Face - Defined Triangle
Nose - Broad
Lips - Classic (sand)

Body - Chestnut
Brow - Medium Angled
Hair - Messy Back Bun (charcoal)
Eyes - Downturned Bold (green)
Face - Defined Heart
Nose - Celestial
Lips - Full round (chestnut)

Character Outfits:

Male #1
Grey Beach Boy Shorts, Tangerine Crewneck Sweater, Grey Utility Boot

Male #2
Ripped Punk Pants, Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade), Military Boots, Navy Sleeveless Tee

Male #3
Large Stitch Jeans (Black), Bole Navy Crewneck Sweater, Grey Utility Boot

Bristol Casual Bottom New, Yellow Boho Bracelet, Yellow Pastel Platform Boots, Yellow Breezy Top


I hope this is all, if there’s anything else I’m missing please let me know :slight_smile:

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cool! i’ll do my best. just for clarification, the blue character is the male and the red is the female in the pose reference, right?

sure! i’ll have it finished soon :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thank you :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

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Hey! :kissing_closed_eyes: What do you actually want in return?

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hm? what do you mean? :relaxed:

yep! i can try <3

What would you like as payment for creating covers, art scenes, etc.?

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