Parallelogram Review

Episode 1 Review of Parallelogram by Ellie and Emme.

When I first started the story it said that there was no character customization. I was slightly disappointed, but I understood because they were based off of the authors Ellie and Emme, which are actually the main characters of the story. The negative side to Episode 1 of Parallelogram was that it was slightly confusing to where it started off. Like for example, what the deal with the raccoon was and if Elle and Emme lived together as friends or if they were actually related. Another negative thing about Episode 1 of Parallelogram was that there was a reference to gang violence. Uncomfortable topics may make certain readers uncomfortable or they might not even understand at all. The last negative thing about this story may not be considered negative to all, but it was for me. The Cliffhanger at the end. It ended right where I didn’t want it too. But I suppose thats how most stories work so I got to suck it up.
The first positive thing about this story is that in the first episode I saw no grammar or punctuation mistakes, or at least I didn’t think I saw any. That is positive because some readers may get annoyed by grammar and punctuation mistakes. The second positive thing to the first episode was that It showed that poverty is real and a serious issue in this world. And also that gangs are real and they are a serious threat to our societies. Lastly, a third positive thing about Episode 1 of Parallelogram is that it is very funny. I especially love how Elle is obsessed with Pizza. I think its relatable and I wonder if the author is too or if it was just an add on to the character. In conclusion, I give Episode 1 a 8/10 for my honest opinion. I think it could have been better if it had partial customization and it had an option to skip the violence scenes. In other words I loved it, So Elle and Emme, Keep up the good work.

Review by Brie.