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Paranormal school
This is The Paranormal School where vampiresa, witches, and lots of magic creatures study… I’ll be playing as a vampire (the head master’s daughter) and as the head master… You can be any creatures you want to… If that creatures has powers this are the ones you can have:

The ability of making what ever potion you want in an instant

The ability of making magic…

The ability to imitate any power every time you touch someone with that power…

The ability of moving solid or liquid with your mind…

The ability to control anyone with cards…

This RP is also like school because you’ll have to attend to classes and every term 1 person Will be expulsed of the School ecxept when everyone goes to classes and collects the necessary points to get your certificate…
You aren’t going to know when you’re test…
You can also be the teachers… If you’re a teachers you’ll have a meeting every day…
1st year (15-16 years)
2nd year (17-18)
3rd year (18 year old that had already made the second year)
You’ll need 70 points to get your certificate… We have clases every day ecxept saturdays and sundays at 10 o’clock U. S. A…


You have class from Monday and Friday at 10 o’ clock U. S. A (7pm Argentina)
Every class your teacher decides how many points they give you… A maximun of 10 points
1st term: Feberary to Ends of May(2 week vacation)
2nd term: June the 25th to September…
3rd term: October to mids of December
Sex is alowed…
Torture or Something g like that it isn’t alowed
There can be suicides but you have to avoid lots of details…

If you want to sign in complete this form and PM it to me…

User name:




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Teacher or not?:


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