Parody story help!

hi guys! i’m writing a story that’s pretty much a parody of all the cliche high-school tropes but put into one. basically i’ve got a MC named Kathryn (not sure abt the name… suggestions for basic MC names would be appreciated!!!) who’s got two best friends: Kenzy & Sebastian (the generic pushy boy-crazy best friend and the gay fashionable best friend.) she gets a makeover and then three guys fall in love with her – a “generic bad boy” a “generic vampire” and a “generic mafia leader” and she’s gotta choose and she ends up pregnant. yeah sorry it’s a long description.

but anyway i need -

  • a basic MC name
  • a “bad boy” name
  • a “vampire” name
  • a “mafia leader” name
  • any suggestions would be appreciated… character designs i have so far down below-


beginning MC design (kathryn)

however, at the beginning there’s limited CC to where you can change her eye color, hair color, skin tone, natural lip color, and face shape. after her “fabulous makeover” you can change her hairstyle and can give her lipstick… i wanted to keep the generic-looking eye shape, nose, and lip shape bc yk… most stories use those to the point where its v cliche…

pushy boy-crazy generic bff (kenzy)

gay fashionable generic bff (sebastian)

the 3 MC-obsessed generic mean girls (ashleigh, bethenney, and britnney)


Not too sure on the MC name, but you can always let me people decide for themselves?

I think potentially Jackson or Chase are good boy names!

I always find Maddison a good mean girl name!

I hope this helps??:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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  • a basic MC name: Anna
  • a “bad boy” name: Brandon or Cole
  • a “vampire” name: Dren
  • a “mafia leader” name: Blake
    (I hope I didn’t insult anyone who has these names, and if I did, I’m sorry)
    I also recommend you change how the mean girls look, because not all mean girls have blond hair and blue eyes… it just seems kinda wrong to me? Anyway, that’s just a suggestion.
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Omg so this is basically a story making fun of every high school trope ever invented… omfg you have to tag me when this is out :joy::joy:


ohh thank you (:

omg these are super good!!! tysm ill def use these

-also i def know not all mean girls are blonde & blue-eyed but it’s a parody story so im using a lot of cliches <3

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lmao thank you i will!

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Oh lol
Well in that case its perfect :rofl:

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thanks lmao

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Okay okay, here is my take

a basic MC Emma ( Istg, every basic girl is named Emma :weary:)
a “bad boy” Chad LMAO
a “vampire” Something extravagant like Xavier
a “mafia leader” We all know it has to be Alessandro

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ok yes emma is a really good name lol i’m gonna make the MC emma, also omg alessandro is really good!! tysm

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Haha, ofc!! Glad I could help :heart:

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All these names are purely based on how many times I’ve seen them appear:
MC - Bella, Mia
Bad Boy - Jaxon

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thank you!

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basic MC name: I see Lacy used a lot on Wattpad lol
Bad Boy: Jax or Aaron
Vampire: Blade
Mafia Leader: Frank/Franky or Viktor

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thank youuu!

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