Parsing Error Keeps Coming Up

My first episode is only 2411 lines, yet I keep getting this error: EVERY TIME I SAVE

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This error happens all the time I still get it a lot when I try to save my work. Try to copy your work and then hit the save button again and if that doesn’t work, reload and try again.


I’ve done that several times and it keeps happening. Could it be a browser issue? I’m using Firefox.

ETA: Nope, still doing it with Safari.

It’s current issue, I have it at least 10 times per day, no matter what internet I use or where. You just need to keep clicking on “save” until it actually saves the script.
You can try chrome, though firefox has relatively more issues than chrome.

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I am using chrome and still have the same issue. I already have over 5000+ lines of code, which I have already shorten with #NAME { CODE…#}

… but unfortunately, that does not help either

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The amount of times I’ve experienced this error has hit the double digits :sob: soon, it’s gonna reach the triple :flushed: Episode, svp, fix this :sob: It’s sooooo frustrating!!!


This happens to me all the time it makes no sense, but you can just save again and that should work, or you can copy your script and reload and it should be all fixed!

didnt see the earlier replies to the thread oops

This has happened on every device i’ve coded on it’s so frustrating

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