Part-Time Writing/Idea Partner Needed

I’m in need of someone who can help me to better my story. My story is called The End and it’s about human kind and the born elements living in the same world. Leilani is the last of the fire elements and with the help of the leader of the ice elements she manages to unite the bond between human and element. My story is almost published but it’s a bit bland and not very explanatory. I need someone to help me open my mind up and be more creative with the plot. I also need help learning how to code better. I know lots of things about coding but I still have a lot to learn. If your interested with helping me or learning more feel free to PM me or DM me on Insta (epy.bby_nae). You could also comment below.:heart:

Hello! I can help come up with more creative ideas for your story if you want/give my honest opinion of it, you can PM me, or I can PM you, whatever works.

But this human bean has to sleep, so I probably won’t be a available for at least 9 hours…

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I need help with coding so are you in.