Partner for my SOLD! episode (Romance/Crime)

I’d like a partner/Group to help with my story


Any information about the story notify me :heart:

Details -

(Style INK)
(Created on WEBSITE)
(Genre - Romance & Crime)
(Rated 15+)

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Hi !
If you want, you can always ask me at this forum about your problems :slight_smile: .
I am going to publish my story before holidays and I’ve written my story for 6 months now. Everything I learned was from my mistakes and watching youtube.
Good luck with writting !

Thank you olinek!
Unfortunatly, I’ve chosen to do scripting
To make the story better, but it’s tricky and all I get are errors.

Hmm :thinking:
What errors do you get ?

  • If you want you can talk with me on my insta - olinek2710