Partner for writing 😊

I already did a thread about getting a partner and a friend for writing. This will the final thread I’m doing to find a partner! So please reply to me if your interested in writing with me on my new story. You can reply me here or on my Instagram @ar.write.stories!

Qualities that I’m expecting;

  1. You must be experienced in writing.
  2. Must be a good speaker in English (Cuz I’m not! )
  3. please be good at everything in coding things.

You can either be a background or overlays artist (your choice)
I will be looking forward to work with you!

So please reply me!
Thank you so much!


What genre are you interested in writing in mostly?

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Drama and Romance (love drama)
I’m not so good at those romantic stuffs :sweat_smile:

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Hello there! This is my first story. I’m looking for a partner of course it’s an mafia story. If anyone interested in writing this story with me DM me on my Instagram @ar.write.stories. I will tell you everything about the story if you don’t want to work it’s totally fine with me.

Qualities that I’m expecting:

  1. Must be a experienced coder in everything!
  2. Must be Good speaker in English (Cuz I’m not! )

Let me know if you’re interested!
Thank you😊

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I dont have insta right now but i am interested because ive been writing my own mafia story for a few months now and im willing to help! <3

Sorry but I decided to write the story on my own sorry for wasting your time…

its cool, if you ever need help im here!

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Hello! I’m looking for a partner. I founded someone but unfortunately she can’t login in to my account. Now I need a partner and a friend who will accompany me with my story😊


Can I be your friend and a partner? :heart_eyes:

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Of course you can! Can you please DM me on Instagram ar.write.stories s

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Are you there? Are you interested in working with me! Please reply I’m worried right now!

amber.writes Are you there? I’m still here you know that? Please reply!:neutral_face:

Hey, sorry I was busy

So sorry I didnt reply!

I dont have Instagram

It’s fine!

You don’t have Instagram? What can we do?

Yes I’m here but…I can’t work with boys I’m really really sorry forgive me please

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Sorry again Krish :pensive:

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Thank you for understanding!

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