Partner i need a partner

hi so is my first time writing on episode i would reallt like to have a writing partner. i got a story idea, i know it may be hard because im new but ill do my best.


Awe, I was in the same boat as you.

I really do hope you find someone who can help you out. But if you can’t, there are lots of threads on how to code and get started!

Best of luck :rose::fist:t4:

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thank you so much

I can help you if you want? I used to always be in the same boat as you, but I have learned the ways of the Jedi😂

i could help out as needed jus lmk

If you still need someone, im always here to help you or to be ur friend :smiley::sparkling_heart::heartpulse:

Hey, I’d love to help! I’ve been coding for almost a year now and I know what its like when you first start coding! If you need any help or advice, my instagram is lilyepisode07

I am looking for a writing partner, someone who knows how to proofread, and an artist. We can write on different writing platforms. We can make comics using different ideas if you are interested, please you will say your name, age, what you can do and your Instagram username if you have one. We could write both novels and comics. I am in the Eastern time Zone so if you reply, you must be in the Eastern time Zone

I would be glad to help
I can give you idea’s to help you on your story or help you with your story…?