Partner In Crime! Haha!

Hey! My name is Kaci, and I would like a writing partner. I’ve recently created and started a story called “Forever Together” and I would like someone to help me out with it!

To help with ideas, coding and more! I would like a skilled person with coding and who is very nice! If you’d like to become my “Partner In Crime,” comment… YOYOKACI

Btw, you will have to share an account with me.

I will pick the winner tomorrow. Good luck!


I am also looking for a skilled person to team up with…


I’d like to help however I can.

I would love too!

I would love to help ,but if it is coding I am no good.

Hi! What’s your story about? :blush:

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It is about two people falling in love. But the girl cannot be with him, so they have to find a way so that they can. More to the story…

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Alrighty, sounds interesting! Wish you good luck with finding the right partner :revolving_hearts:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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