Partner needed! (No coding experience!)

Hello everyone, I’m looking for somebody to help me write my story with me because I’m getting unmotivated due to lack of episode contact. I don’t have anybody to talk to about my story or other stories (if u write one and u need a partner I’m here for u!) therefore I’m looking for someone who I can help and can help me!


Hey, could we collab? I really want to create a story but I don’t know how to code or anything
I’d really like to write a story where the mc is the villain
Mc grows up in a very poor home and is determined to get big. she’s willing to even kill to get there.
Am also here for you if you need a partner for your story

Sorry but I do not code for others

Hey! I am also new here:) I am also learning slowly as I am writing my story. We can really help each other, of course it’s totally up to you:)

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Would love to! I’m an advanced coder myself so I could def teach u for the future etc

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Sure! Let’s connect?
My IG is michijune.writes