Partner NEEDED!

Currently working on my story SuperNatural. I have horrible writers block from time to time causing lack of confidence in what I’ve written. Looking for a proofreader and someone to bounce around ideas with. Let me know if you’re interested. I WILL credit your work AND shout out your stories, other works, etc.

I am willing to help bounce ideas off, but I’m sorry to say that I do not have enough time to proof read your work as well until a later date. (like a couple months from now)

I would love to help you, I am also writing a story. I am sorry to say that I am new to this, but I have a creative mind

That’s perfectly fine, do you happen to have Instagram?

Thank you! I’d love that, do you happen to have Instagram?

I do have Instagram, but I don’t really use it

Yes I do! It’s @blackjack.stories

How else can i reach you?

You could probably PM her on the forums

Either here or on email or WhatsApp. You can choose I don’t mind either