Partner/writing friend needed (closed for now)

Hi guys, I am looking for someone who can help me write a reincarnated story.
A little about myself,

  • I am 21yrs old (F)
  • College student
  • Daydreamer
  • Has bad social skills
  • looking for female friends who have a passion for episode
  • Adobe skills in some software (I am a graphic design student so I am learning)
  • I also sell stickers and stuff online

Ya know, I tried going to that one but I’m not very good with the forums so I thought this would be the best way. :blush:

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Ok, good luck finding friends and a writing partner!

We’re you wanting to be my friend? If not then thanks for the concern :relaxed:

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Sure, I would love to! But I have no experiencein coding though sorry

Haha I do not either. I honestly just learn as I go. Searching on google and the directing of episode. I think it is just cool to learn it in general and I have had to relearn how to code a lot.

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