Partners Wanted

Hello, My name is Haley and im new to writing on Episode. I have in the past written in my spare time, I am an avid reader of Episode and want to create my own story. Mostly in the horror or fantasy/paranormal. I have several plot ideas but i want help, seeing as this will be my first time.

What I am looking for: Co-Author you will get all credit just as i will, we make the story together and toss ideas back and forth.
Coder Some one who knows the ins and outs of creating a story and all the other important parts of the story.
Proof Reader This is a very important role to hold someone who can proof read and help with any grammar errors or help to make sure the story flows and makes sense!

I am open to having more then one person on the team, i want this to be the best story it can be, and something that all of us can be proud of.
I would have an Instagram group chat for all of us to talk in and work through ideas together and scenes.

If you are interested, all i need from you is drive and determination and the ability to dedicate a couple hours a week to work on it. let me know below what you can add to the table and we can work all the details out.

I look forward to hearing from you all soon!

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Hey! I am interested in being a Co-Author with you, if you haven’t found anybody yet. :slight_smile: :sparkles:

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Awesome do you have an IG i can add you to a chat!

My IG is stellarmoonlight.epi

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Hey! I’d love to either help as a co-author or proof reader! I’m also familiar with episode coding if necessary but I feel others might surpass me on that category :woozy_face: if you still need help with the others, my episode ig is leiifs.corner :sunflower:

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Can I be a co author and if you want just someone to help code. Maybe there can be three co authors. Haha

im open to several writers whats your insta ill add you to the group

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I dont have I IG

Well just dm me any plot ideas you have and we will work it out! :green_heart:

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This is kind of old so just ignore this if you’ve already started, but I’d love to help you with writing and proofreading. My IG is @omelet.episode.

Hey! I’d like to help as a proofreader I also know a bit of coding I also edit and make a few backgrounds if you’d need that and my IG is @episode.bribri