Party Invitation Art


I need help creating a party invitation. This is the old one I’ve created below. Can someone create me a better one than the one I’ve created?


I can help you


Ok, thanks


Do you just want me to make a remake of it like do you want a girly background


Sure. I’ll tell you the colors of the letters once I know what the background looks like and we’ll go from there.




What about this




What normally goes on a party invitation? I took a reference from the one I saw on the Pretty Little Liars one that Mona was doing but I don’t remember what was on it.


Im done


I just dont have it on my tablet its on my computer




Honestly, people don’t really send out party invitations, they use snapchat or word of mouth instead lol. However, I would be happy to help you make a more “realistic” looking invitation.